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Dr. Breckhman the Renowned Soviet Scientist is the discoverer and recognized world authority on Adaptogens. He spent over 45 years researching the healing power of thousands of plants that had adapted to some of the world's harshest conditions. Some of these plants performed better than others. These he called Adaptogens. Together with his teams of Scientists he analysed and investigated Adaptogens in one of the most massive programmes of human testing in Scientific history. These Adaptogens were kept secret and used by leading athletes, cosmonauts and Soviet Elite. All Natural. NATURE'S ANSWER TO STRESS! My family have been using it for over twenty years and we have kept well! By Grandsons took it from the day they were born! Lots more testimonials. ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA.
Allows the body to recover quickly from physical and mental activity Repairs and protects your cells Reduces free radicals Builds and strengthens your immune system Helps prevent illness Increases longevity Enables the body to adapt to stress Supports the cardiovascular system
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