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Prima Derma’s unique formula; the answer to all your skin problems! Adaptogens in cream form Prima Derma is a highly effective healing balm. It can be used to sooth burns, on chapped lips, insect bites and irritated, itchy skin. With prolonged use, it gently fades skin discolouration from burns, wounds, and acne. It is wonderful for restoring dry hands and brittle nails, as well as an effective heel balm and for massaging sore, aching feet.
Prima Derma has to be one of the best-kept secrets in skin care. Containing some of the world’s most potent botanicals, its effectiveness is supreme. Prima Derma’s unique blend of adaptogens and other normalizing and restoring herbs have been blended in a new easily absorbed base of lanolin, glycerine, and vitamin E. What makes Prima Derma so special… Eleutherococcus Senticosus: Speeds up the healing process; relieves itching and burning during outbreaks of eczema and other rashes, including nappy rash and insect bites. Celandine: Contains antiseptic properties, and is known to aid the immuno-stimulation process, which is connected with the activation of T-helper lym-phocytes. Angelica Dahurica: Provides tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial actions; effective for problems induced by unbalanced control of homeostasis (central nervous and hormonal systems); good for prevention and relief of aller-genic symptoms. Tassel Flower: Provides antioxidant and anti-radical actions. Burdock: Provides anti-inflammatory action; has a protective action on the skin; stimulates blood circulation; improves texture of the skin; successful in treat-ment of dermatitus and eczema. Poplar: Provides antiseptic, anti-microbial action; protects the skin from the in-fluence of chemically aggressive substances Dissolves well in lipids, and therefore deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating the regenerative processes in cells and tissues, and increasing capillary circulation. Oonagh Clark of KOMGA “I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in giving me a tube of Prima Derma to try for the problem skin on my hands. Here are some of the rare botanicals in Prima Derma, each with their own special healing powers. Populus candicans (Balsam Poplar) Used to ease inflammation due to rheumatism and arthritis, as well as dry scaly skin conditions such as psoriasis and dry eczema. Abies balasamea (Fir Balsam) Aromatic salve for cuts, sores and burns. Angelica Dahurica Useful for rheumatic pains of the lower body, and for aching joints Chelidonium majus (Great Celandine) Used for skin diseases like herpes, eczema, and ringworm. It has antiseptic properties. Arctium lappa (Burdock) Used for eczema and psoriasis, treating painful joints, bruises and burns. It has potential in treatment for bacterial or fungal infection. A combination of Prima Derma and Primal Mist healed my tennis elbow.
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