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Primal Mist is a unique spray of ancient herbs that refreshes, rejuvenates, and gently restores natural tone and health to your skin. The eleutherococcuss plant grows up in the far eastern forests of Russia, and it has been called the ‘King of Adaptogens’ for its remarkable powers. It is the main ingredient in Prime 1. The Prymore, is a specific region where these plants have been growing for thousands of years. When PrimeQuest first went to Russia to get the miracle formulations of Prime 1, they discovered that people in the region had been drilling into peat deposits, and extracting the fluid that had filtered over hundreds of years. It possessed amazing properties, and this fluid is the base for Primal Mist. The precious liquid is flown to South Africa, where purified water is added to create this amazing product.
Shuani suffered for years from eczema on her scalp… She wrote the following after she received PRIMAL MIST as a gift: Hi! I want to report back about the Mist you have given me. It works like a dream! After only one week I could see the difference, but did not want to get excited too soon. Now three weeks later and I am still seeing results. This is the best result I have seen in two years. Now, I am too scared to stop using the product - what if my eczema becomes worse again? It will probably be a good way to test the product, but I don’t want to approach the world too scientifically. Will let you know when I need more products. Greetings, Shuani Department of Biotechnology, Stellenbosch Primal Mist in combination with Prima Derma healed my tennis elbow.
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