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Prime Perfect... a soy protein food formula. The technologists at PrimeQuest have structured each component to ensure that the formulation we offer is the very finest in the world. Therapeutic Uses Breast cancer: The iso-flavones called genistein and diadzein in soya appear to help inhibit the growth of cancerous cells by blocking the effect of potentially harmful levels of human oestrogen. Prostate cancer: Rates of prostate cancer are low in men who eat soya. It is possible that its ‘oestrogenic’ effects have a protective effect. Heart disease: Regular consumption of soya has been shown to reduce levels of “bad” LDL choles-terol, which can lead to blocked arteries and heart disease. As well as the isoflavones, substances called saponins also appear to help lower the levels of cholesterol. Hot flushes: Discomfort from many menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, appear to be reduced if supplements of soya isoflavones are taken. Note: Remember to always discuss any home treatment with your doctor first.
The extraordinary legume, the soya bean (Glycine max), has been a staple food for centuries in much of Asia. Today, it is one of the most important food crops available to humans. The first reference to the soya bean was made in 2800 BC by Emperor Shen Nung of China, who cited it as his country's most valuable crop. The cultiva-tion of soya spread to Japan and Korea, and then to Germany and the rest of Europe in about 1712. Despite being grown at Kew Botanical Gardens in London, it took another 200 years before non-Asian countries began to produce it. Today, there is an explosion of interest in soya, mainly due to the influence of America, where it is used in countless food products. It is also widely used as a natural food preservative and emulsifier. Medicinal Uses Superb for diabetics, for treating late-onset diabetes and particularly for treating the symptoms of meno-pause, the coumestrol and isoflavone in soya beans closely mimic oestrogen in the body. Some doctors advise woman who are entering menopause to in-clude soya in their diet. Soya stimulates the circulation and acts as a general tonic, toning the blood and muscles and stimulating a sluggish liver and kidneys. It also helps detoxify a body that is reacting to medication and processed foods. Because soya is fat-free, it is good for the treatment of high cholesterol. It has a strong alkaline reaction, which can help dissolve and remove gallstones. Soya regulates the bowels and lowers your risk of cancer, particularly during menopause, when it can help your body replace lost oestrogen. This can, to some extent, counter the need for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor before you start or stop HRT. The Chinese believe soya acts as an important con-traception promoter, pre-sumably due to its ability to control fertility levels by regulating a woman's menstrual cycle. Traditionally, the Chinese eat a bowl of soya bean soup daily to treat all the above ailments, including heart and circulatory dis-orders. For those who have extra high cholesterol, eating soya frequently could reverse some of the damage to the arteries. Stomach cancer responds remarkably to soya, and it brings relief from constipation and general bowel dis-orders. Eating half your daily protein intake in the form of soya could strengthen and revitalise the whole body, including the heart and blood sugar levels. Is this not a wonder food?
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