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In daily use, PrimeQuest has received many very positive reports from women who suffered from menstrual and menopausal problems. Before embarking on Hormone Replacement Therapy, with its side effects, try Prime Passion. We emphasize, however, that no trials or tests, other than for safety and toxicity, have been conducted, and no claims in this regard are made for the product.
The following ladies all had great success using Prime Passion as follows: 2 capsules each morning for the first month – following months 1 capsule per day. Maggi Dean, Client “Thank you, thank you, thank you for intro-ducing me to this marvellous supplement. I took it for about 3 – 4 days – 2 caps in the morning as you suggested and my ‘blue funk’ mental state simply flew away! I feel more myself than I have in months! The ‘passion’ part of it was simply a nice side effect.” Heather Barnes-Webb, Gold Executive “Last year during routine blood check it was discovered that I had an oestrogen level of 36. My local GP immediately prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy for me which at age 42 I didn't think was what I wanted to do - all I could think about was getting "fat" which so many woman had complained about on HRT. I then decided to try Prime Passion instead and was amazed at the results - my oestrogen went from 36 to 239 in 6 weeks. A year later I am still on it and my oestrogen level, according to my Gynae, is perfect for somebody my age and who is still on the Pill. Before Prime Passion I used to suffer from PMS 1 or 2 days a month - now I don't have it at all.” Wendy, Client “Prime Passion has changed my life - I am 55 years old. There are noticeable changes. No more mood swings. My friend/Prime Associate/Colleague, Zena, delivers my monthly supply and gestures with her finger towards her mouth saying: ‘Get it in. Get it in.’ It is amazing my colleagues comment and know there are remarkable changes. I am jovial and full of life. Thank you Prime Passion. My body neeeeeeeeeeeeds you. You're the most perfect supplement.” It helped my hot flushes.
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