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What makes the combination of Prime 1 and Prime Ecdisten so unique and powerful? While Prime 1 offers a general, whole body protection from stress, Prime Ecdisten provides a more focussed and specific action. The adaptogens in Prime Ecdisten have properties, which are beneficial to the retention and development of lean tissue, the engine that provides us with energy. The body naturally adds vital lean muscle tissue as it grows. Once a human reaches maturity this physiological process changes. Between the ages of 30 and 60 years, dramatic changes in the distribution of fat and lean tissue occur. By the age of 60, the average person has twice as much fat as he or she did at the age of 30, and only half as much lean muscle tissue. This is the natural ageing process. As the human body ages, there is a decrease in body energy metabolism as well as a slowing of the biosynthesis of proteins, which cause a breakdown in lean tissue. This breakdown of muscle tissue results in a lack of tone and strength, and a deficiency in energy. It also affects appearance. Prime Ecdisten is effective because it works directly on the muscle, promoting these vital biological processes in our bodies. Prime Ecdisten is designed to work in synergy with Prime 1. Together they will increase your energy, strength, and stamina; decrease the negative effects of ageing and stress; help you to achieve higher levels of performance in all areas of your life; supplement any weight loss program; and improve recovery from intensive physical and mental work. Prime Ecdisten is 100% natural, completely safe, has no side effects, and includes no drugs or banned substances. It uses nature’s own power to supply the nutrients missing in your fitness and training program.
What more can Prime Ecdisten do for you: • A dramatic increase in lean body mass. • Increased endurance. • Stimulates metabolism. • Decreases blood sugar. • Improves nearly every bodily function, including brain and liver. • It is safe and effective for men and women. • Prevents the loss of muscle mass while promoting growth of muscle fibres. • No negative side effects. • Increases protein synthesis. • Prevents high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels thereby halting fat production. • Pushes nutrients into muscles and organ tissue yielding better muscle growth and repair. • Possesses potent cholesterol-lowering effect. • Cell membrane stabilizing properties. • Potent antioxidative effect. • Pocesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. • Works against high cortisol levels as an anti-catabolic agent by reducing/ eliminating stressors such as inflam-mation and preventing cortisol from being released. • Vastly increases athletic performance by increasing work capacity, body-weight, and lung capacity. • Reduces fatigue and apathy, while increasing speed and strength. • In daily use of 1 or 2 capsules provides extra energy to chronic fatigue (M.E.) sufferers. ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA
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