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Prima Derma is a highly effective healing balm. It can be used to sooth burns, on chapped lips, insect bites and irritated, itchy skin. With prolonged use, it gently fades skin discolouration from burns, wounds, and acne. It is wonderful for restoring dry hands and brittle nails, as well as an effective heel balm and for massaging sore, aching feet.
A unique, topical skin product containing adaptogenic herbs… Prima Derma is a topical product for problem skin. It is hypoallergenic, com-pletely natural, and supplies adaptogenic herbs and Vitamin E in an extraordinary skin balm. It is a revolutionary blend of natural sub-stances, which have a particular effective-ness on problem skin, naturally restoring and regenerating a normal, healthy appearance. What makes Prima Derma so special… Eleutherococcus Senticosus: Speeds up the healing process; relieves itching and burning during outbreaks of eczema and other rashes, including nappy rash and insect bites. Celandine: Contains antiseptic properties, and is known to aid the immuno-stimulation process, which is connected with the activation of T-helper lym-phocytes. Angelica Dahurica: Provides tonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-microbial actions; effective for problems induced by unbalanced control of homeostasis (central nervous and hormonal systems); good for prevention and relief of aller-genic symptoms. Tassel Flower: Provides antioxidant and anti-radical actions. Burdock: Provides anti-inflammatory action; has a protective action on the skin; stimulates blood circulation; improves texture of the skin; successful in treat-ment of dermatitus and eczema. Poplar: Provides antiseptic, anti-microbial action; protects the skin from the in-fluence of chemically aggressive sub-stances. Dissolves well in lipids, and therefore deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating the regenerative processes in cells and tissues, and increasing capillary circulation. TESTIMONIALS: Oonagh Clark of KOMGA “I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in giving me a tube of Prima Derma to try for the problem skin on my hands. Since 1983 I have had various medica-tion, both topical and in tablet form, in an effort to cure the constant peeling of the skin, which looked dreadful. At least, it did to me! Since using your Prima Derma my hands are cured, although I continue with the treatment twice a day. No doctor has in previous years been able to explain or cure the skin-shedding, which made me at times feel very snake-like! I shall sing the praises of this most won-derful beauty treatment, and I once again thank you.” Doris Raubenheimer of EAST LONDON “Baie dankie vir die geleentheid wat u my gegee het, om u produkte te bemark. Die eerste produk wat ek gebruik het, was Prima Derma. Ek het verbrand met vuurwarm sop. Die gevolg was ‘n swart merk. Ek het elke oggend en aand ‘n bietjie aangewend. Sewe dae later, was my vel geherstel tot sy oorspronklike kleur. Ons gebruik Prima Derma vir insekbyte en enige velkwaal. Een van my kliënte, ‘n verpleegster, beweer dit is die enigste salf wat diabete help, met die herstel van wonde.”
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