What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin gives you back control over your money. Bitcoin is digital tender, or cryptocurrency, used for safe and instant transfer of value anywhere in the world. All you need is internet access. It is not controlled or issued by any bank or government - instead it is an open network which is managed by its users. The value of a Bitcoin is not tied to the value of any one currency. Bitcoin's value is determined by buying and selling in the open market. When you get in on the ground floor of something new, you'll find yourself in the best position.

All purchases of ADSHARES, ADSPACE and Commissions earned in the Thrive Int Community are in Bitcoin. We make it easy for members to convert their local currency to Bitcoin, through our Buy Bitcoin link. From there, each member receives a Thrive Int bitcoin wallet, from which all payments for purchases of ADSHARES & ADSPACE will be made, and will hold all profits made. We use cryptocurrency as a vehicle for payment and transfers within the ADSHARE Cycle because it is instantaneous and allows us to fully automate all payment processes.

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Who is XAPO?

Xapo is a Switzerland-based company that provides a bitcoin wallet combined with a cold storage vault and a bitcoin-based debit card.

Xapo Debit Cards are NOT shipped to all counties - PLEASE SEE BELOW - Countries XAPO Cards are Shipped to

Founded: 2013 Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, United States
CEO: Wences Casares
Founders: Wences Casares, Federico Murrone

About LocalBitcoin.com

LocalBitcoins.com is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site.At LocalBitcoins.com, people from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins. The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. You reply to these advertisements and agree to meet the person to buy bitcoins with cash, or trade directly with online banking. Bitcoins are placed in LocalBitcoins.com web wallet from where you can pay your bitcoin purchases directly.

How do I spend my Bitcoin?

XAPO is the WORLD'S FIRST REAL BITCOIN DEBIT CARD. Your Xapo Debit Card seamlessly links to your Xapo Wallet and allows you to use your bitcoins for everyday purchases - simply swipe your XAPO DEBIT CARD and/or withdraw local currency cash from ATMs. It is recommended MAXIMUM TRANSACTION FEE is used when TRANSFERRING BITCOIN